South Los Angeles, CA

South Los Angeles – Where People Run the Neighborhoods

Also known as South Central Los Angeles or South Central, South Los Angeles is located in the southern part of Los Angeles County. If a city’s population is any indication of how great it is for living, then South Los Angeles is pretty amazing. Over 271,000 people live within the city limits. However, what is South Los Angeles really like—people, culture, outdoor recreation, education, climate, and public transportation?

Brief Overview of South Los Angeles

South Los Angeles encompasses around 2.5 square miles, with Washington Boulevard marking a boundary on the north, Vernon Avenue on the south, Central Avenue on the east, and 110 Freeway on the west. In addition, the region is home to a greater part of the city that holds a myriad of suburban streets and also subsidized apartment complexes. 

South Los Angeles is economically diverse. You will find everything from wealthy neighborhoods like Baldwin Hills to middle-class neighborhoods like Leimert Park and a few working-class neighborhoods such as Hyde Park. Most of the neighborhoods feature tiny pastel houses and manicured homes to accommodate the people who move here to stay close to their workplaces.

The amenities are also ample in South Los Angeles. There are quite a few grocery stores, including Ben’s Discount Store, Liborio Market, and Numero Uno Acquisitions. The cafes and restaurants serve affordable yet tasty dining options.

Furthermore, the always-sunny weather in South Los Angeles helps people get outside and enjoy everything this place has to offer. Living in this region means you can get your fill of art, music, and culture. Also, regardless of what interests you—indoor or outdoor activities—the options are plentiful in South Los Angeles. Day or night, you will never run out of things to do and make your life more exciting in this region.

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Education in South Los Angeles

Education opportunities are plenty in South Los Angeles. The entire region is served by the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). Nevertheless, there do exist several schools that don’t fall under the LAUSD, such as charter schools and independent private schools. A few notable schools to name in the area include Graham Elementary, Russell Elementary, Audubon Middle School, Carver Middle School, John Adams Middle School, Thomas Edison Middle School, Crenshaw High School, Susan Miller Dorsey High School, and Thomas Jefferson High School. 

Furthermore, South Los Angeles is also home to the University of Southern California, a private research university. It is also the oldest private research university in California.

The Climate in South Los Angeles

South Los Angeles is a warm, sunny place, which is one factor that contributes to the area’s beautiful nature. With 284 sunny days year-round compared to the national average of 205 sunny days, native exotic flowers such as Jacaranda, Bougainvillea, Hibiscus, and Bird of Paradise are in bloom all throughout the year. 

The region enjoys warm days and cool nights, with average temperatures staying around 84 degrees during summers. During winters, the temperature drops but never falls lower than 46 degrees. South Los Angeles receives almost 0 inches of snow annually, but it receives 16 inches of rain.

Public Transportation in South Los Angeles

Los Angeles boasts one of the best public transportation networks in the country. So, South Los Angeles residents can easily take advantage of the subways, light rail, buses, and shuttles to get around the region as well to any other part of the Greater Los Angeles area. 

Six rail lines run to various parts of the Greater Los Angeles area, and Metro bus lines serve all rail stations. The local buses run on 20 different lines, serving major destinations like state parks, area attractions, and shopping districts.

Make Your Home in South Los Angeles

South Los Angeles, as most people imagine, isn’t a barren, urban jungle of concrete buildings and cars. It is quite a fun and livable place with many things to do and see and food to discover and enjoy. Nightlife here is amazing, and you will always feel at ease knowing that you are just 15 minutes away from everything. Rest assured, you will never have a dull life living in South Los Angeles.

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