Lakewood, CA

Lakewood – A Small but Peaceful City

A city in Los Angeles County, California, Lakewood is popularly called the “instant city” for a good reason. The city grew by leaps and bounds starting in the early 1950s to evolve into its own over the years. While most people think Lakewood is nothing more than a suburb between Bellflower and Long Beach, it is a great city with tons of things to do. Additionally, Lakewood is just a half-hour drive away from major tourist areas and cities. The nightlife is amazing, and the city has a rich history and other attractions to make sure everyone has a good time.

Brief Overview of Lakewood

Lakewood is a medium-sized city located in California that constitutes around 17 neighborhoods. A once cozy town in California, the city is now a community of more than 80,000 residents. Most of the neighborhoods in Lakewood are centered around major boulevards featuring landscaped medians and frontage roads. Lakewood’s highly sought-after areas are in the city’s central parts. However, those with a smaller budget can find gorgeous and more affordable homes in the northeast regions. 

For the most part, Lakewood neighborhoods are friendly, and homes are traditional. However, there is a distinct neighborhood that stands out differently in the city—the Lakewood Country Club.

Lakewood Country Club features custom homes built between the 1950s and 1960s. The home sizes start at 1,800 square feet and range up to around 20,000 square feet. A few homes in the neighborhood have been significantly altered and rebuilt over the years, which gives it a more varied feel than other areas in Lakewood. In addition, the Lakewood Country Club boasts exclusive “island” streets of Manor Drive and Parkview Drive. Lined by larger lots and vast golf courses, homes on these streets are the most expensive.

Overall, Lakewood is an excellent city with various parks and recreational activities that can be enjoyed all season long. The environment is quite family-friendly, and residents love how convenient it is to get to nearby locations. Community events are ample in the city. One such event most people look forward to is the Lakewood Summer Block Party that happens on the last Saturday of June. Similarly, the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony that takes place in early September is also much-enjoyed by residents. It is during such events that the residents come together to socialize.

Homes for Sale

Education in Lakewood

When moving to a new city, a good school district should be on the top of your mind, especially if you are a young family or looking for educational opportunities. An interesting fact about Lakewood is that it is served by four school districts. Depending on the neighborhood you choose to settle in, your children can attend schools operated by the ABC Unified School District, Bellflower Unified School District, Long Beach Unified School District, or Paramount Unified School District. 

Within the city’s boundaries, you will find several highly-rated schools, including Gompers Elementary School and Lakewood High School.

The Climate in Lakewood

Lakewood residents enjoy 288 days of sunshine per year compared to the national average of 205 sunny days. The temperatures average 81 degrees all year round, thereby helping nature stays alive and green. Winters are mild, with temperatures not dipping past 46 degrees. Hence, snow is non-existent in Lakewood. So, you won’t have to fear snowstorms or blizzards when moving to this city. However, Lakewood does receive 14 inches of rain, with people having to carry an umbrella or raincoat during June and July when it rains the most.

Make Your Home in Lakewood

With so much to offer, it is easy to see why a lot of people call Lakewood home. The houses in most of the neighborhoods are priced more affordably than in neighboring cities like Long Beach and Bellflower. The homes are always in high demand and sell quite quickly. Additionally, the warmer temperatures, excellent schools, plenty of things to do, and friendly people make Lakewood a great city to settle in. 

Lakewood is a city that has seen considerable growth in the past. It is still thriving and growing as a community. So, you will never regret making a move to live in Lakewood.

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