East Los Angeles, CA

East Los Angeles – A Fascinating Area To Call Home

A medium-sized unincorporated community in California, East Los Angeles is a hub for the younger crowd. Though the city is further away from the beach, the region does have a lot to offer. With incredible neighborhoods, top-notch attractions, employment and education opportunities, and convenient amenities, living in the city can be an excellent experience for anyone.

Brief Overview of East Los Angeles

East Los Angeles is an affordable community across the river that predominantly holds modest single-family homes with lawns and front yards, and small apartment buildings. The city is bordered by Montebello and Monterrey Park on the east, Boyle Heights on the west, El Sereno on the north, and Commerce on the south. 

People prefer living in East Los Angeles because the businesses, bars, restaurants, and urban landscape give off major Boston and New York City vibes. In addition, the conveniently located amenities and attractions never let you lose interest in enjoying the city on a regular basis. Knowing that plenty of amenities and things to do are nearby means that you always have access to grocery stores, restaurants, and coffee shops. Additionally, parking is often easier on the East Side, with some exceptions, like Silver Lake Junction.

East Los Angeles also has a greater number of parks than other regions in Los Angeles—Griffith Park, Mac Arthur Park, Elysian Park, and Echo Park Lake—to name a few. It makes a perfect place to call home for anyone who enjoys outdoor recreations, be it jogging, hiking, picnicking, dog-walking, or just an occasional stroll. East Los Angeles will ensure you have a great time doing these activities.

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Education in East Los Angeles

The schools in East Los Angeles are split between Los Angeles Unified School District and Montebello Unified School District. Additionally, LAUSD runs a preschool in the city called Amanecer PC. 

Families in East Los Angeles have a good selection of elementary, middle, and high schools to choose from for their children. Some notable options include Humphreys Avenue Elementary School, David Wark Griffith Middle School, Marianna Avenue Elementary School, Monterey Continuation School, and Alphonso B. Perez Special Education Center.

The Climate in East Los Angeles

The weather in East Los Angeles is fantastic, characterized by sunny summers and mild, rainy winters. The region receives sunlight 80 percent or 280 days a year and an average temperature of 86 degrees during summers. Residents look forward to sunny days to enjoy the outdoors and take advantage of the countless attractions. 

Winters in East Los Angeles see zero inches of snow per year, compared to the national average of 28 inches of snow per year, and the average temperature rarely drops below 47 degrees. However, during this season, the region does receive 15 inches of rain.

Public Transportation in East Los Angeles

One of the best things about East Los Angeles is its close proximity to all sorts of amenities. You can enjoy all the advantages of living in the city without having to deal with the overwhelming hustle and bustle. In addition, commuting from the community is quite simple, thanks to the various public transportation options available. 

Residents can leverage the bus services offered by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) to get across the Los Angeles area or within the community. The Metro Gold Line servicing the area is also ideal for faster commutes. Furthermore, residents can rely on the local shuttle service offered by El Sol (the East Los Angeles Shuttle).

Make Your Home in East Los Angeles

East Los Angeles is a spectacular place to live in. The city hosts a sense of community and a diverse population. The weather is fantastic in the region, everybody knows everybody, and you will get to meet interesting people who hail from various cultures. 

Crime is almost non-existent, day or night. You can peacefully roam around the street or rest at home. The ambiance is breathtaking, recreation, fine dining, and educational opportunities are plentiful, and cultural experiences are worth living for.

Now, the only thing standing between you and your new home in East Los Angeles is your decision.

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